School of Speaking  

Where Shy Intermediates Become

 Confident English Speakers

Dear English Student,


Why are you still not fluent? 


You've been studying English for years and years.


You’re smart. You work hard. And you certainly WANT to master English…  

American English teacher, Mr. Vig

But you are STILL not able to speak naturally... easily... and confidently.


So what’s the problem? 



First of all, English is a skill.


It's not a subject that you can master by simply studying, like chemistry or history.


Second, you must learn it like you learn any skill. 


And according to professional athletes, musicians, and trainers, there is one method for learning skills that is clearly #1.


It's called "Skill Stacking."


You see, every skill is a combination of many smaller skills.


The amateur tries to learn all these smaller skills at the same time.


The professionals learns each one seperately, stacking each on top of each other, in the correct, logical order, like a builder stacking bricks. 



And when you apply Skill Stacking to English, THAT’S when you finally become a confident speaker! 




  • Step One: You know the most valuable words in the English language

    This is your foundation. Like a building needs a foundation of stone or concrete, your English needs a foundation of the most common words. Mastering these words allows you to understand most conversations and allows you to progress to the next stage… 

  • Step Two: You understand native speakers and fast-talkers

    You must understand before you speak. After all, conversation is mostly listening. And the confidence you get from being able to understand is powerful. Take this confidence with you when you’re ready for the final stage…

  • Step Three: You speak easily, you feel relaxed, you enjoy conversation!   

    If you enjoy speaking with family and friends in your native language, now it’s time to do the same — in English. Schools make a huge mistake when they teach speaking. They make you feel stressed, nervous and uncomfortable. And you can’t master any skill unless you’re relaxed and enjoying it.

And those are the three stages of English. 


Could go through these stages by yourself?




But why would you? 


After all, you don’t get extra points if you succeed the hard way.

INTRODUCING: School of Speaking

School of Speaking is a new type of school.


First, it is a school for adults.


Successful adults join this school so they can become more successful. 


Second, it’s an online school. 


The idea of traveling to a room and sitting down in a chair to receive information from an “expert” is as old as going to a store to buy music. 


And third, it is the first online English school that uses the power of Skill Stacking to guide you step-by-step from shy intermediate to fully fluent.


Twice a week you drive to their school. You park. You walk to the building.


The class is only 55 minutes. But when you add up all the travel time, you realize you’re giving them four hours every week. 


You sit down at a desk. The classroom is full. The teacher walks in. Immediately you feel nervous, like a child again. You listen. You write. You repeat. But soon all you feel is boredom. 


And at the end of the semester? 


Your time is gone.


$300 - $500 is gone from your bank. 


But can you have a conversation? Do you feel confident? Will your life be better because of this investment…?


Welcome to your new classroom! 


Where do feel comfortable? Your kitchen? Your sofa? Lying in bed?


Now hurry up! Because class is starting in… well, when do you want it to start?


Oh, and do you like to learn alone? Or with others? Maybe both…?


Good! Here are some short video lessons. Here’s an interesting story to read. I hope you like watching TV series, or documentaries, or the news…   


Now it’s the weekend and time to join me and your classmates online. 


How was your week? Did you hit your goals? Any questions? Tell us about your success! 


Busy this weekend? No problem. Just watch the recording when you have time. And please send me an email to report on your progress or if you have any questions. 




“Finally, those native speakers are talking slower and more clearly,” you say to yourself as you enjoy the latest Netfix series.  


That’s not the only thing that has changed… 


Yes, your eyes and ears recognize many familiar words now. But also…


Worries about the future? — Gone! Because now you see clearly that the path in front of you is the correct one.


Mistakes? — Of course you’re still not perfect. But finally you can feel your progress. 


And what about confidence? — It's impossible to NOT feel confident when you actually enjoy speaking!


It really is a new world. 


Anything is possible…



Dear Mr. Vig, After 30 days of religiously following your methods, I have this awesome transformation in speaking. Now I'm having fun with it!”

Nelson R.





 "Although I spent lots of time and money on language courses in the past, including the British Council, I still wasn’t confident. Now, thanks to Mr. Vig’s unique approach, I’m not nervous when I speak and I’m starting a new career where I’ll need a high level of English."

His Excellency Karel Urban

The Czech Ambassador of Montenegro





"I am able to read books. I am able to watch Netflix shows and news channels. Not only this, now I am able to communicate with anyone round the world, and I can improve my business. It has taken my confidence to a new level. From the day I joined, my life changed completely."

Aditya K.



"I'm so pleasantly surprised by my progress, that I don't know what could I say. The most important thing for me is that I found out a new many different and amazing way of learning English and I like it. It's fun, untraditional and it works. I have new habits that make me feel confident and disciplined about learning."

Hubavina Iapadjieva

Sofia, Bulgaria


"Hey Mr. Vig, Thank you! The method is working! So, this is perfect idea how to learn a language. I am glad to know you.”

Simona Blajan

Constanta, Romania


"I have obtained good results using your method!! I’m better and I feel happy because I’m learning English quicker than before. Last week I had to speak by phone in English with three different customers and they understood me!! I’m feel more confidence and wanna continue to learn."

Jaime F.


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Here's What's Waiting For You Inside School Of Speaking

As a student of School of Speaking you get access to the password-protected members' area. This school never closes so visit any time, anywhere, and on any device. 

  • Success Every Week

    No more guessing... no more doubt... no more false starts and wrong turns!


    Every week inside S.OS. you have a new and exciting goal. Every day you know exactly what you need to do to get the results you need. 


  • Motivation To Start Strong, Keep Going, And Finish A Winner

    Every challenge is easier when you have a coach who is expecting you to show up and friends to support you.


    Like a workout partner you meet at the gym, Mr. Vig and your classmates are waiting for you to show up, and when you do, they're ready to support you.

  • Finally! Easy and Convenient No-Stress Speaking Practice 

    The probelm with most speaking practice is how it makes you feel - nervous and stressed. 


    To learn to enjoy conversation and to become a confident speaker, you must have an environment where it's safe to make mistakes and no one is judging you. 


    That's exactly what you'll find inside S.O.S.


    Starting at the end of the second month, you'll be invited to join chat rooms one, two or four times every day where you can meet your classmates for a friendly, relaxed chat. 

  • Exclusive Access To Mr. Vig

    As a member of S.O.S. you won't have to pay the hundreds of dollars a month my private students pay to get to talk to me. 


    Just attend one of the Saturday classes and we can chat.  


    Have a question that can't wait till Saturday? Send an email to my personal email address.


  • You stand taller. Your head is high. Your shoulders are back. 
  • You're not afraid. You accept bigger challenges. 
  • Winning feels natural.
  • You enjoy conversation and even forget you’re speaking a foreign language.
  • The people in your life give you more respect - your colleagues... your boss... your clients... your family... your friends... even the receptionist at the hotel when you travel abroad.
  • You are the English expert in your family. When a foreign waiter comes to your table, when your children have a question about their homework, they all look to you for help. 



Do you know the difference between a cost and an investment?


A cost takes money out of your pocket.


Your rent is a cost. Gas for your car is a cost. Your clothes are a cost.


However, an investment brings you more money. 


And education is one of the smartest investments you can make.


According to a survey of Vitamin V readers, becoming a fluent English speaker would bring them, on average, $1,500 more dollars a year.  


Not bad.


Now take a look at this...


The average price for one semester inside a boring school - $369!


This is a current price list from one of my former employers, an average language school here in Prague.


For three months, they're asking $369 for two lessons per week, or $15 per lesson.


Of course, I could charge the same, or even more. Especially since my students get much better results. 


But because my students come from all over the world, and a dollar can be a lot or a little, depending on where you live...


I've decided to keep the price low. 


Your investment to join School of Speaking for three months is just $199.


Or just 0.45 cents a day.   



An online class with Mr. Vig


When I was in college every professor had what's called "office hours."


On a certain day, at a certain time, you could go to his or her office and the door would be open.


Come in. Have a seat. How can I help you? 


I always thought that was very valuable


That's why I created a chance for us to meet every single week.


This will be your opportunity to ask me questions, hear a new lesson, get feedback on your assignments, and get to know me and the other students a little better. 


If you're in Europe or Africa, the meeting time will be in the afternoon. If you're in Central or South America, the meeting time will be in the morning. And if you're in Asia, the time will be in the evening. So wherever you are in the world, you'll be able to join us at a convenient time.


Oh, and don't worry if you miss a meeting. They're all recorded so you can watch them when you have time. 


So whenever you need a little or a lot of extra help, every Saturday I’ll be waiting for you online in my virtual office. Come in, have a seat, and let’s make your English the best it can be.




Here in Prague, if you go to a language school you'll meet only once or twice a week and pay $300... $400... $500 or more for a three-month semester.


But inside School Of Speaking, not only do you get a lot more...

  • daily audio lessons
  • week live lessons
  • weekly and sometimes daily video lessons
  • daily invitations to chat rooms (available in month three)
  • a proven system that WORKS 


You also pay a lot less.


Your investment to join School of Speaking for three months is just $199.


The School of Speaking is easily 25x more valuable than a traditional school. 


This training comes with my 100%, no-risk, money-back guarantee.


If you try the program for at least one month and are not satisfied, just send me an email. I understand no program is perfect for anyone, so I'll be happy to send you a full refund. 


So you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by trying it today. 



Whever you are right now in your English — stuck and/or shy pre-intermediate or advanced student stuck on learning plateau — School of Speaking will give you a quick boost, fill in missing gaps, strengthen your skills, and keep you moving forward month after month. 


Of course, if now is not a good time, you can join School of Speaking later. But if you choose to join us later, you'll miss out on the free upgrade, the free initiation fee, and it's also very likely that I will raise the price again. 


But if you join today, you get all the bonuses, and you get to keep the same low price, no matter how high I raise it in the future. 


Click on the button below to go to the next page where you can see everything you’ll get and enter your payment info.


And I hope to see you this Saturday in our first class!



Mr. Vig 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few answers to our most common questions

1. School of Speaking FAQs

Is my English good enough to join?

If you can have a basic conversation your English is good enough to join. In both my live classes and my video trainings, I always speak slowly and clearly and use simple words. When it's time for you to practice your speaking, you'll be with other students who also need practice and are patient when you speak slowly. 

Can I join when my English is better?

What if I’m not ready to talk?

Won't I learn incorrect English from talking to the other members? 

How will I improve my grammar and pronunciation and get rid of my mistakes?

2. Billing FAQs

I don’t have dollars. How can I pay?

Can I pay with a credit card?

How do I pay if I don’t have a credit card?

Are the payments secure?

What payment methods do you accept?

3. Support FAQs

I live in a different time zone. How will I join?

Do I need any special equipment or software?

Can I ask for my money back if I don’t like it?

I don’t live in America. Can I sill join?

Can I join the chat rooms on my mobile phone or tablet?

What if I have a question. How do I contact you?

Please send your questions to: office@mrvig.com and I will do my best to answer you within 24 hours.

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